Brown Algae? Hygrozyme?

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    Keep getting brown algae, I think it's hygrozyme for the reasons that it started with it. I am trying to remedy the issue, my roots are not covered in slime and they are growing, but algae is clumping up in a tiny area of the root mass. I cleaned the res and all the air lines and air stones with hot water and bleach and let them sit, rinsed four times. Most of the algae was at the bottom and tiny particles floating in the water. My water temps are in the 60's as well. I dipped the roots in a 50/50 of 3% h2o2 and RO water and it cleaned the algae clump out, overall the root system looks very healthy. So basically I'm running just RO water and nutes in res.

    I can get a pic for ref in a bit.
    Using GH nutes in one bubbler so micro discolored the roots
    I think it was hygrozyme.

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  2. I was having same problem stop using that .I used a pump up bug sprayer .cleaned right up . Do a water change clean them up add some aqua shield . You're golden
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  3. The stories of hygrozyme and appearance of brown algae are what I have been hearing these days. Check out this article, which says hygrozyme lack any active enzyme in it. So, basically it's not digesting the gunk in the system, but adding to it.

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