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  1. High All! I've been a member of this forum for a long time (i think) :), and I've always enjoyed reading all these great posts I can relate with, as well as all the hilarious conversations that brighten up my day even when I'm not smokin. So I'd like to introduce myself...I go by kr0nik0 on many sites as well as xbox gamertag (for any fellow buds that would like to send me a friend request) as well as in real life when i'm baked.

    A brief history of myself vaguely remembered/stated because theres cops even on the internet ;): Been an avid conessuer and consumer of beautiful buds for over 9 years. I feel blessed that we have so many good varieties of nugs in south florida. I've traveled abroad to Brazil-My Birthplace and favorite vacation spot , Costa Rica, Italy, Holland (for my birthday in 2006 for the cannibus cup, Canada, and Spain. The point to this is that I've smoke the best nugs right here in the good ol Broward County.
    So I would like to share with everyone here my pick-up tonight and show you these beautiful buds I'm currently ripping out my Jerome Baker RooR:D.

    Sorry if this was a lot to read...I know it was a lot to write but I look forward to meeting some great tokers in here, and talk buds, as well as every other subject...that comes to mind.

    One more thing, This is my first time taking time and energy as well as using a good camera (sony DSC-H50) to take bud pics, any tips would be great, thanx all and once again if this is not the right place in this forum for this question please let me know where to ask.

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  2. well i just looked at my post and apparently I'm a member since May, that plant in the pic was I believe 3 weeks into the vegatative state of my last plant which yielded a good amount of pretty decent bud. I actually just ran out of it about two weeks ago. a lot of free herb for a long time..looking forward to a new grow/new strain for this holiday season.
  3. those look like some frost buds man! sweet pick up, sweet bong too :smoke:
  4. any fellow Broward Countyians in here?
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  5. Thanks, this strain always comes around here in the early fall , it's not the best purple in da world, but good enuf to take sum pictures of, it's just such a mellow, calming high, no heart racing or paranoia (i have pretty bad anxiety).. and i will put up pictures of the Roor soon, it's amazing the diff of going from a rubber on glass to a glass on glass bong. amazing difference.
    Now only a vape to add to my collection this year...:rolleyes:
  6. Picked up some more purple:eek: and a tiny bit of mango kush...enjoy the nug porn! I'm practicing taking good bud shots as well, so any helpfull hints on how to take better pictures will be greatly appreciated.

    ps. one picture is of what happens after mixing the purple and mango..btw i'm not a good MSPaint artist
    . :)

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  7. Hi...

    I think I caught you on Bluelight. Pretty close to Broward.
  8. yea i just started posting on bluelight again. I'm trying to find a good forum.. so i'm pinning grasscity vs bluelight so I can stick to just one. The only thing is, the bud comunity seems kinda small on blue light compared to all the other drugs they got on there...
  9. You've hit the right forum, then. I like Bluelight for the psychedelic and second opinion forums, though. Weed + LSD are my two favs. I find the opiate talk a bit hard to swallowlll
  10. Ace Hood is from Broward County
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    Yea he sure did. went to high school with him at Deerfield High for a year, he came in as a freshmen when i was a sophmore, i finished HS at Pompano High, anyways we played JV football for a lil while together, but he got moved up to varsity halfway through the season. He then got injured and that's when he started getting really into rapping..Just letting u know, he's a cool kid but don't believe 90% of what he raps about, he grew up in deerfield which is ghetto, but there's alot worse places in broward county.. he never did any drugs, i remember he never wanted to smoke bud with the rest of the football he might be different, haven't seen him 2002 i guess, thats when i left deerfield high
  12. That's a good pun (idk if it was intended :)) but I completely agree, i don't have a problem with opiates but i feel bad reading that forum, there's so many people I know that are helplessly addicted to oxycodone in south florida, I believe we're up to 200 "pain clinics" down here -broward county- where they just hand out rx's like candy. The people in the forums just seem to condone the use of all these different opiates. My only praise is that at least it has some good info on hot to SAFELY admnisister injectables, as well as dosing for different drugs. Better be curious and informed, than o'd or have a bad time with a certain drug because of ignorance...

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