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  1. Whats up everyone getting ready to introduce myself back to the weed game on Tuesday September 22, been clean for 7 months because of Drug Court. The names Chase and I've seen a lot of cool shit on the site, Its been so long I hope I remember how to smoke, lmao.....Never thought I could make it this long without smoking but I got my life back together in a sense, no more peeing in cups for me, lol. Oh yeah, GO DOLPHINS :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. ey whats good palm beach county ova here
  3. 954 residenter over here.
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    Hows the piff been down here lately? Its been too long I hope I remember how to twist and hopefully my weed man doesn't think I'm an informant, Never get arrested down here for weed, been in the system for about a year.... Did you draw that pic in your sig 561? that shiz is cool
  5. naw i cant draw for shit haha. i got it from someone on this site. the piff is pretty good if u got the hook up
  6. 7 months? Holy crap lol. Enjoy your first toke! And I'm from dade county but my cousin lives in Broward. They have fire stuff there :smoke:

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