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  1. well my lil brother is like about 14 and i was in my room,he wanted to smoke so i let him....we finish a blunt and like ten minutes later he's like he felt something driliin in his head he thought it was cancer like.....shutup u dont have cancer...and he's bitchin now he said he's not gonna smoke lol
  2. it sounds like he's still too immature for it anyway.
  3. Yep. I think 14 is a young age to start, not many kids at that age are ready, if any... they aren't mentally developed enough IMO (not all the time) to understand responsible/spiritual use of cannabis.
  4. I wish I could get so high that I thought I had cancer--i havnt been that high in along time :\
  5. haha damn dude. my first time taken acid was when i was 14, and i got arrested. crazy....
  6. I started at 14. I was never that stupid about it, though. Sounds like your little brother shouldn't be enlightened just yet. :wave:
  7. that reminds of that scene in Knocked Up, when they all have pink eye and then the one guy with the beard comes by and someone remarks on how red his eye's are and how sick he must be, then he says "no I'm just really higgggghhhh"...
  8. haha man thats hilarious.
    Honestly though I'd say he just tried it at too young of an age. He'll obviously try it again. I'd say 16 is a solid age for him to start at.
  9. i started smokeing when i was 14 maybe your bro will come around and change his mind who knows
  10. I Started at 12, but I definitely think thats too young. Hell 15 is really pushing it in mybook. I would say just leave it be for a while, let him mature up a bit, then ask him if hes ready to try again.
  11. i was 13 and in the 8th grade i think but i think dat the best age is 16ish to start anyways
  12. I started at 13
  13. I started smokin' at like 13 and I think thats way too young. I have a younger bro and i won't smoke with him untill he's at least 16. If he's old enough to drive and be responsible then hes old enough to smoke. 14 is a bit young.

  14. You do realize the damage that smoking pot can do to young minds. The influence of external chemicals such as alcohol, MJ and large amounts of caffiene can do serious damage such as decreasing learning capabilities, social development and as also been linked to psychosis. You are very irresponsible to let your young brother smoke with you. You need to let him know that what he does when he is young and develping will affect him for the rest of his life and affect how he does in school, getting a job, and how he acts in adulthood.

    When I have a kid I'm not going to let him smoke till hes atleast 16. Then ill inform him about how great Marijuana is and smoke with him.
  15. Links, studies, or any proof about MJ being damaging to 14 year old minds? Until then, I call this bullshit.
  16. i dont understand why all of you guys are trashing his brother. the kids 14 hes still a damn kid its understandable he may not of been mature enough but also for a newbie like he sounds he might not completly understand the effects.

    but i do think that it is cool that your lil bro atleast tried to try a new thing or so it seems so he could hang with you. that shows he has mad respect for you.
  17. whell me and my friend tried it togher when i was 12 and he was 11 and we have been best bro's ever sence
  18. he's k now like 3 weeks later he just smoked a blunt with me

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