Brother refuses treatment for cancer

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    Hey blades I've been advising my brother to try medical marijuana here in MD but he refuses to basically on a moral stance. most of his chemotherapy has been rendered obsolete and I feel the good 'ol gangee is the only hope for him but he refuses. what am I to fo blades
  2. on a moral stance?  but why....
  3. He's Christian and he believes it's against God that's why it is frustrating to say to say the least :mad:
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    hmm. so god gave him the cancer and he thinks chemo is okay to try and get rid of it but god's natural CURE for cancer is immoral?!? 
    interestingly special...ed
    EDIT.  is it fucking brain cancer because that is quite a thought pattern
  5. Ask him why the plant exists if it's against his god? Surely it would be the man himself that put it here?
  6. lol i was the complete opposite..
    i refused chemo, and went with weed instead..
    going on 5 months cancer free.
  7. here i found this on Yahoo Answers
    so tell him to "grip it and rip it!"
    That's sad
    Can't say I wouldn't do that same thing. No way I'd take chemo, sticking to that good 'ol green! :smoking:
  10. Dont get me wrong weed wont cure him, but it will greatly help him with the side effects of chemo.
    Instead of getting him high, try to find him something that is rich with CBD and CBN.
    Or if smoking puts him off, look for a way to make tinctures or edibles that would act more as a medicine to him then a drug

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  11. And your brother has the wrong idea about "god".
    Christianity didn't exist before jesus, therefore its man made.
    If anything jesus was a prophet who found god within himself and spread what he knew.
    His words were twisted through thousands of writings through different languages.
    From a moral standpoint its just a plant that has affect on the brain.
    If he truly believes in soul, god would come from within, not an external source.
    Jesus was just an enlightened man

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    yeah man.. i didn't even consider it.
    They brought my case up to 3 different boards and 2 said chemo and 1 said no chemo..
    when i go i for checkups and see those miserable people hooked up to those bags, it makes me happy for the decision i made.
    I think the only way i'd do it is if they told me that i would die without it and it had a near 100% chance of saving my life..
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    idk how to say this nicely. maybe he knows canabis can cure him and refuses because he has a death wish and wants to die.

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    didnt god say have all my plants animals , sumthing about those in the bible?
  14. No. He has leukemia and he doesn't want to die while high basically. he fine with it otherwise
  15. I say do whatever works, and his chemo probably isn't if it's obsolete. That being said, MJ and a positive outlook should do it. Cancer is tricky, I know someone who had it spread to lymph nodes and had chemo, radiation, and a double mastectomy and is now cancer free. I also knew someone that had the same situation and it didn't work out ad well. And one guy I know had some kind of cancer and he did nothing besides eating healthy and exercising and it went away.

    Anything is worth a try, and whatever helps it, do it.
  16. i dont see the problem then, nobody should be forced to live if they do not wish to
  17. Chill out bro, I agree with your point but he has every right to believe in whatever religion he wants and if he believes that marijuana is the devils lettuce then so be it

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