Brother made me pay for all his groceries and didn’t want to help pay?

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  1. I am 24/M and brother is 30/M.

    He makes way more money than me.

    So we decide to go grocery shopping and end up buying a lot of food to last the whole week. Ended up costing $100+ so I send him money to pay my share but he insists to just use my card to pay for everything..

    So Iater on I explain that I’m broke hoping he would pay his share of the bill but he just gives a long ass speech how I need to watch what I’m spending etc..

    After we make the food he takes half of it and I take my half. He says he wants to do it again and I say sure, as long he pays for it next time. Then he insists that we can split the bill next time.. like wtf. Didn’t even thank me at all.

    The same night he buys an expensive air conditioner.

    What should I do ? Why did he do that ? I was thinking not to hang with him anymore for a bit. I’m so mad and that was rude of him.

    TL;DR - Went grocery shopping with brother, he didn’t help me pay for anything. And took half of the food.
  2. He knows you are an easy target and pushover. He's taking advantage of you, just like everyone else. Grow some stones and take charge.

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  3. At least you no longer have women troubles.
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  4. Nobody goes Grocery shopping these days

    Leave it to the GIRLFRIEND

    Jeff these guys are virgins even new members

    they just don't KNOW You!

    but hey Welcome back Komrade
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  5. Lol hi Jeff. I hope you have a good night. :)

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  6. I hate cheapskates
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  7. Don't go with him he is trying to replicate it as often as you'll allow. Tell him "no".
  8. Me too, brother.
  9. jesus h christ, private pyle
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    Can only imagine how that went over.
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  12. I would have acted like Im getting my card out nd SLAPPED the hell out him nd started shopping for myself
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  13. I
    Should’ve done that.
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  14. If my brother did that to me I'd tell mom
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  15. When I had moocher friends, i would tell them I'm negative on my bank account.
    I just plain avoid moochers.
  16. I'll go shopping with you bro and pay my share. Maybe afterwards we can swing by a club and pick up some of those interesting women you keep bumping into.
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  17. You can be my wingman anytime Bro, hang in there it will get better.
  18. You can be my wingman anytime Bro, hang in there it will get better.
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