Brother lost a half ounce...damn!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JuanRing, May 14, 2011.

  1. That he just bought a couple days prior... fuck me man he only paid 100 for it but still that was his entire supply for 2 weeks and he fucking lost it.

    Worst part is it was some fire:smoke: Probably smoked around an 8th out of it before it went missing. Some homeless guy is probably shitting his pants right now:rolleyes:

    Bitter taste in Juanring's mouth tonight, hope ya'lls Friday is goin better.
  2. now that's some unlucky friday the 13th shit.
    that sucks.

    & how the hell do you misplace a half ounce??
  3. My Friday is going alot better than this story of yours
  4. Fuck if I know man my brother forgets everything when he's baked:D Must have been the malevolent force of Friday 13th.

    In all seriousness i'll probably find it in the coming days, as I know that he did not leave the apartment with it. Might just take me a while considering the flat is a complete sty.

    I'm just bummed cuz I don't get to toke tonight haha
  5. go and search for that motherfucker.
  6. ^^ Basically what I spent this afternoon doing. Its BS because we were toking out of it this morning, and i left for class in the afternoon, came back and he'd lost it.:(

    Also, in be4 Cool Story Bro:p
  7. If he actually didn't leave the apartment with it one day you will be one happy camper!!
    I know what you mean tho,
    would be nice to have it tonite.
  8. Friend of mine came over, found the half O in a random box in my bro's room. He's got like 10 grams left, he smoked the hell outta my bud for finding that.

    Also bought a fresh quarter because he thought he'd never find the half o again:D
  9. The world has retained its order:smoke:

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