brother keeps on sleep crying?

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  1. it kind of sounds like crying, but it seems like he's scared or something, hes one year older than me 19 he's in community college, straight A student smart as hell so what's his deal.

    He doesnt drink or smoke, I want to say "hey you seem stressed, wanna smoke or drink?", but he's probably against ME smoking, he has PLENTY of friends that drink, but they know he doesn't do it so they dont pressure him to and he goes out to party, so what the hell is his problem and has anyone ever dealt with this?.

    not only am I his bro and looking out for him, but we are in the same room and its kind of annoying every single night, it kind of started after he got done with his college stuff and is on break now.

    he's not an asshole, but Im pretty sure he would find it annoying if I just randomly asked him about his feelings.
  2. Is he overweight? Might be sleep apnea.
  3. smoke him out
  4. thats fucking hilarious
  5. not really^

    man the brain works in mysterious ways. it probably be a good thing in the end to let him know whats up. try to be cool about it
  6. I've never heard of sleep crying in my whole life.

    Sounds like some creepy shit you would see on a paranormal movie, a little girl crying while she's sleeping or something.
  7. you must not like to explore with your mind, go to youtube and search up-> night terrors
  8. I've heard my mom do that, kinda weird. He's probably having a bad dream from his daily stress.

    I'd bring it up. Just be like, "hey man it seems like your having bad dreams lately".

    If he says yes then suggest smoking to relax him. If he says no then let him kno it's been going on for a while and again suggest smoking to relax.
  9. Just ask him what's the matter, it's your brother man! Be a good brother and find out what's wrong, maybe even help him out.

  10. Just never heard anyone cry in their sleep, seeing as how only about 1% of the population experiences night terrors.
  11. I had night terrors in middle school.. Frightening shit.
  12. Has he got something in his life that he is avoiding? Like, a break up or death of a relative?

    It could be his mind venting whilst he's asleep

    I don't know, I'm pretty medicated. But if it's that then tell him to think about it and work it through until it's gone :)
  13. I've had random dreams where I'll start crying (because in the dream, someone I know has died). But I haven't done it consistently, and I do think stress can sometimes manifest itself in dreams... so maybe if it keeps happening you should mention it casually.

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