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Brother had panic attack first time he smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jd93kid, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So my bro smoked for the first time with a group of about 8 people the other day and ended up having a panic attack.

    They went to a local park, right beside the police station i might add, he smoked a whole helluva lot for his first time and got super high. He had had a mountain dew about 30 minutes before and hadnt eaten in prolly 4 hours. He was with people he didnt know too too well and they had some music going and were talking loudly and all had there cell phones out in the pitch dark. He said he felt light headed, then everything started to spin. He then said he thought he passed out for a minute. He was really worried cause this was his first time and he didnt know what to expect and thought something really bad was happening. He said he felt like he was passed out and everything was a dream. He kept trying to convince himself it wasnt a dream but he thought he would die if he completely convinced himself of it. He also tried to find a way to be sure whether things were real or if he was dreaming and he couldnt do it.

    I feel really bad for him and was wondering if anyone knows what to do so he wont experience this again.
  2. How about not smoke with a shit-ton of people the first time in god-knows where and be in a happy place?

    I've really never understood the people who swear they had bad highs. No matter how much paranoia or pain I can go through high will ever make me scared, frightened, or anything negative.
  3. The almost same situation happened with me (but with a different unmentionable). Being with a huge group of people you don't know, near a police station, in the dark, for the first time you experiment with a drug is not typically a good idea...Make sure he doesn't smoke too much next time, is with people he's comfortable with, and he isn't in a sketchy location.
  4. I remember when I had my first panic attack. I had also been drinking and smoking hooka prior, and it was only my second time smoking. It was bad and I threw up several times. Well I did not smoke for quite a while after, and when I started again, I started by shotgunning from other people. Because of the bad experience I had grown a negative stigma to the smell and taste of weed, and I needed to get rid of that stigma. Shotgunning gave me the smell and taste with minimal amounts of thc. Also, mentally, you have to understand before you are high that you can just flow with what you feel. Make sure nothing crazy is goin on with his life the next time he smokes, and make sure he is in a calm environment with good smooth music and a few people he is close with. Once you have a few real good tokes, you eventually will be able to think back to the bad experience and laugh about it :). Just don't push him, and keep him relaxed. Light shows while high can also keep you in a good place ;).

  5. Everyones different man. I used to never get bad highs. I took a long break from weed, about two or three months and whenever I smoke now I always have a bad high. It seems like I can never enjoy the high anymore. I'm either paranoid, anixous or sketch about nothing! I'm learning to ride it out though. It sucks major, because I love being high :smoking::smoking:
  6. smoke at your house and take some rips, in a nice enviroment. Outside in the dark usually fucks people up, I remember I was taking Waterfall rips outside my garage/house at night and theres a forest behind it and I had a knife pulled on and off for 2-3 hours, shaking and having a panic attack cus I thought people were coming at me from the forest and I kept shining light.. It was horrible.
  7. After he's tried it a few times he'll be fine. Let him hit a bowl when its just you two together, listening to his type of music.

    Like Fred, I've had some weird experiences with weed in the dark. Me and a buddy were smoking at the end of this dead-end road where there are off-roading trails going in all directions into more woods. After smoking a few bowls we both started to feel super sketchy and my friend wanted to turn the car lights on and stuff lol. Ended up just leaving and laughing about how paranoid we'd been acting. If you know it's all just in your head you can change it, just like a bad trip.

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