Brother freaks out... Alarming..

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  1. Hey grasscity.. Ill cut to the chase and share my story so you can help me out..

    I was in my grannyflat/bedroom with kid brother who is 16, and my mate. We were smoking the ganja as usual and it was like anyother time.. Me and my friend were in one room on the computer and lil bro was sittin on lounge in other room chillin...

    After a bit though my little brother gets up and starts pacing the room, he walks over to me looks at me, walks back around into other room, opens then shuts the door, and contiues this cycle about 5 times, were sitting there laughin a bit and callin him a tripper, nothing too wierd hey.,

    However as soon as my bro stops pacing he full freaks out, hands on his head and everything, exclaiming "Ive broken reality, ive broken reality" Over and over again.. I got mad after a bit and yelled at him to shut up and sit down, he got more and more verbal trying to explain that nothing is real and that his cracked reality.. Im like wtff...

    Anyways, this didnt really phase me, sure his a regular weed smoker and has been for a few years, but like everyone trips out and wigs out heaps bad aye...

    The thing that scaring me now, is that hours after my brother has sobered up, his compleetely normal now, but sticks by what he saw, that he has broken reality, and that it was torture and that everything was stuck on repeat and if he smokes weed again it will happen to him. He said he almost couldnt snap out of it, but me and my mate calling out helped him...

    Its only been a day or so but he doesnt wanna smoke weed anymore and turned down a free session with me and a few mates..

    Im a little concered.. He recons his gone insane... Anyone experiance shit even simular to this?

    For the lazy people -

    *smoking weed with bro and friends
    *little bro freaks out after a bad trip and recons he has 'broken reality'
    *bro now recons his gone insane and wont smoke weed anymore..

    Sorry for long read.. Anyone?
  2. looks like he just smoked too much weed lol, it probably wont happen again.
  3. wow sounds like some crazy shit. i think he had a panic attack, how much did he smoke?? if hes a regular toker then idk why he would trip out like that. if u guys were smoking some good shit my best guess is panic attack. just keep em sober for a few days or weeks and then smoke him out, im sure he'll b alright. :smoke:
  4. give him a week or two for him to live life normally again, sometimes its weird if you dont remember much of your sober life cause you have been smoking too much weed.

    offer again in like 3 weeks and see what he says.
  5. That isn't a panic attack. A panic attack is when your heart is racing and ya feel like you're havin a heart attack and think you're dying. Sounds like he might of had something on the side that you guys aren't aware of...he's tripping on something
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    Yeh ima give it some time, i honoustly think he will be fine. last nite he was pretty chill about us smoking weed around him, we agreed not to talk about his outburts saving from humiliation or anything like that..

    My brother although only 16 has been smoking longer then me, his known as iron lungs as he pulls bongs better then anyone ive ever smoked with.. He is about 6foot1 and nothing but toned muscle, He is extremely strong and one of the best fighters ive seen.

    To see my brother who is like this, start whimpering n shit and claiming his insane.. Pretty fucked up shit..

    imcherokeeangel i dont think he coulda done anything else on the side really, like i was with him most of the time aye.. Though he does do pills now and then and he has done speed before..
  7. Hahaha, he was tweakin' hard. That happened to me once, except I thought the carpet was coming up on one end of my room, and I'd go over there and try to push it down (but it'd already be down and not coming off the floor at all) and find out it was fine all along, then tweak over something else, haha.
  8. On salvia I reached for the doorknob and then reached for it agian.... and agian... and again, times 1000. How long was he trippin for?
  9. Marls he was tripping for about 2 mins max but then was like mind fucked for the rest of the night. Was mad edgy and looked almost on the verge of tears. Was fucked.
  10. I have had something similar to this happen to a friend of mine. He most likely had a panic attack like someone else in this thread said.

    We blazed a shit ton of sour diesel out of my friends bong called the mad science expirament(one of my other friends had blown it himself) and on the car ride home, my bro just freaked the fuck out. We both got dropped off at a park near my house and he wouldnt come chill with me and he walked home. He still can't even remember how he got home.

    The bad news is that my friend still refuses to smoke to this day :(
  11. i wish i broke reality. i hate it.
  12. Grass City, i keep tellin' you, but you just dont listen.

    Blame the fucking Eskimo's, they're behind it all.
  13. For the next ten thousand years you will shovel your shit and eat it, because your on repeat mother fucker. It just started backwards and you can't do a fuckin' thing about it.

    I've only experienced shit like that on salvia or mushrooms.
  14. Fuckin weird shit aye.


    Its been over 24hours since the trip and my bro is chill again aye, he actually asked if there was any bud left, i think his aight.

    He admitted to still being weary about the whole incident and i think his quite shook up.. But his on the road to recovery... Mary jane =]

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