Brother exposing my personal problems.

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  1. Well last Thursday my parents felt suspicious about me. They said i was acting weird (mood swings) and always pissed when i see them.

    Its been pretty hard balancing work and school but with by smoking cannabis i can relax and concentrate on whats important.

    So they decided to break in my efficiency (small building outside their house) and go through all my shit.

    1. I'm 20 years old and they don't have the right to go through my shit like that.

    2. Wheres the trust. All they had to do was ask.

    Later that day i get a text from my parents saying come over we need to talk to you. I already knew what was going to happen so i planned out how i was going to attack the case and show them all the positive outcomes of cannabis.

    My dad and i get a little rowdy ( Us Cubans talk loud) and my brother thats in his room starts to pick his nose where it doesn't belong.

    Long story short i win the battle and my parents where okay me smoking once a week with the buddies.

    A few days pass by and my manager asks me "Bro you got caught?" I suddenly turned red and walked away. How did he find out? Who else knows? Will i loose my job? Will people see me in a different way?

    So I'm here on a t-break pissed off

    Should I :

    A. Never talk to my brother again for disrespecting me
    B. Whoop his ass (Kinda immature)
    C. Trash his personal belongings (might cause a war)
    D. Let it slide and be a queer for the rest of my life ( Sike lol)

    ****Short Summary****

    Parents go through my belongings and find my stash. Brother exposes it to the whole world. Whoop his ass or take another route?
  2. E: Find something you can expose about him if you hafta do something.
  3. Not my kind of style. I'd rather just confront him.

    Thanks for your feedback
  4. im sure theres a more positive option than what you listed...try talking to him and telling him why that pisses you off, sometimes people can just be stupid
  5. woop his ass
  6. blackmail that lil demon
  7. Hahahaha, Thanks for the responses.

    Ive calmed down a bit.

    When he gets out of class ill talk to him. Violence will do no good.
  8. You let him know that your business is your business. If you gotta get mean and in his face to prove a point then do it.
  9. move to cali bro, then youll be just like everyone else

  10. Amen to that man! :hello:

    I might move there to finish up my masters in business.
  11. What about calm confrontation?
  12. Move away from home?

  13. That's what i ended up doing. He told me it was funny since i kept it a secret for 5 years without them knowing. So he told the whole world. (Facebook)

    I technically don't live with my parents. I have my own building with a bathroom a closet, a mini fridge and a big ass tv. What else do i need?

    They just live steps away from me, But they don't mind i smoke. My brother is the gay one.
  14. fuck all of those options. buy some Rocks and a pipe. and plant it in his room then tell your parents you saw him with it. lolol
  15. Hahaha thats a great idea, I second this option
  16. Haha, if your manager addresses you as 'bro', then im pretty sure you dont have a whole lot to worry about on that front.
  17. Plant coke on him, it's sure to even the playing field.
  18. A


  19. Ya he is a cool manager but i don't trust anyone. Thats just extra beef he as on me.

    Lol my brother is under age. They will probably send him to some sort of camp since he is already not doing good in school.
  20. so do it? no but srsly if you lose your job or something serious goes down because of it id get his ass put in rehab lolol

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