Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth

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  1. Anyone have this CD? I just got it and I fucking love it. Favorite song has gotta be Truth Is or Uncle Sam Goddamn... or Lookin At Me Sideways, lol I like em all. I've just recently gotten into Brother Ali and I wish I had of found him earlier, he's really fuckin good. If anyone here listens to him, what songs do you like?
  2. brother ali is sick, he's gonna be at the rock the bells. he's amazing at freestyling, watch brother ali vs. eyedea, awesome battle haha
  3. yup i picked this up when it came out Uncle Sam Goddamn and Listen Up are my favorite tracks. Hes fucking amazing and spits some hard hitting rhymes. Saw him live in Boston in May and he puts on one hell of a high energy bumpin show. If youre gonna see him at Rock the Bells youre in for a treat along with all the other amazing artists playing. Some of his others really good tracks of other albums are:
    Forest Whitaker
    Nice Double Em
    Ali Boombaye
    Soul Whisper
    Dorian (my favorite punchline "Somebody needs to beat your ass, and then teach your ass, and Im sorry I can only do half"
    So Deadly
    The Session
    Blah Blah Blah ft. Slug
    Star Quality
    Rain Water

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