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Brothels and buying sex for another man.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TokinMartian, May 31, 2009.

  1. A friend of mine recently went to a brothel after a 20 year long sex drought and sexual frustration overload. He ended up losing his virginity to a young Korean whore whose only words of English were 'No no no' when he tried to finger her ass.

    He told me how it all went down, how he got a line-up of women who were willing to do anything to please him for only $94 1/3 hour. How you got to shower with them and how they would please you in any way you wanted.

    At this point I'm pretty tempted to go with him next time just to check it out at least. He even offered to pay for me. They also have Live sex shows every Thursday Night at 9pm. Could dropping a hit of acid and going to this show be interesting or would it just fuck me up beyond belief? I'm tempted.
    My friend would also take one even though he's never taken a drug before in his life. :p

    Just thought I'd share. This happening reminded me of the Cable Guy :D
  2. Acid + a hooker?

    ...I'd never feel comfortable with Lucy and a strange dame.

    My head would be all sorts of confused, I'm sure.
  3. I'm 100% against giving a woman money JUST so she'll sleep with me. However, I don't have a problem giving them roofies so that they'll sleep with me..........?

    Watching a live sex show while tripping would be absolutely crazy. I was once in mexico with my kids and wanted to take them to a zoo. Anyways, we bought tickets to a donky show, and trust me, their zoo's are WAYYY more fun than ours.
  4. If your buddy is paying then it's all good.
  5. This is like that scene from Road Trip with the loopholes. It's not prostitution if you aren't the one paying

    It's not cheating when you spread peanutbutter on your testicles and have your dog lick it off. Get it? 'Cause its your dog.... It's your dog man.

  6. is this in china? my dad recently took a trip there and the same thing happened. of course he denied sex because well hes a respectable decent housband, their abunch of perves over there so they thought he was queer lol. there like "well do you want a boy?!"
  7. these girls have to fuck more people than gene simmons to be promoted from prostitution i think its 1500 fucks or something like that. you better wrap your rascal twice...

  8. This^
  9. You took your kids to a donkey show? LMFAO

  10. facepalm/ lolololol
  11. what a good father lol

  12. hahahahahaha
  13. This thread opens up a whole new realm of disturbing for me.

    I thank God everyday that I don't have to pay for sex, although receiving money for my services might be nice sometimes. ;)

  14. I love pussey but not pussy with diseases! And if u have to pay, that sux! Just find some horny local girls that want to party and dont want to Rob you of all your money! Remember all Hoes are Scam Artists in their own way...keep an eye on your wallet!
  15. Wrap it before you tap it.

    Or just get on craiglist and find someone desprate.
  16. get some coke, and do a line right when u r about to bust
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  18. It's not that I have trouble getting sex in the real world it's just that most of the girls I have sex with are respectable and don't like to get too freaky. I want some hardcore , pure animal instinct caveman style sex. + Who here turns down free sex? I'm probably going to go next week. I'll update this thread after I've been :D

    I'm in Melbourne Australia.
  19. very good point

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