Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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    Anyone watching this show? It's a new one, premiered in September and 7 or 8 episodes in the first season.  I just started watching it, and I think it is hilarious. Very few shows actually make me laugh (early HIMYM, Fresh Prince, Roseanne, George Lopez...thats about it).  It's about cops at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn who just got a new CO, and it pretty much evolves into hilarity from there. The casting is perfect.
    Here are a few funny clips from episode 1


  2. Behind a few episodes, but been watching it with the girl since the pilot. Great show. Funny, witty. Well written. Hard to find on tv now a day.

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  4. I tried to get into this but then I realised I actually loathe Adam :( :(
  5. Just found out how great this show is
    So F-ing hilarious
    I binge-watched season two up to date over the weekend, maybe I'll put season one on my Christmas list
    Holt: The good news is our evaluation will be done by Deputy Chief Brant. We have a good rapport. He was once my captain.
    Boyle: So he's kind of like our grandcaptain.
    Holt: amazingly funny.
    Andre Braugher is a goddamn comedy genius
  6. The vids have been blocked due to copyright infringement.
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  8. Peralta and the sarge go to a bar that only serves chocolate milk
    Waiter: Here, try this.
    Peralta: All right. Here we go. Finally.
    Terry: All right.
    Peralta: Oh...
    Terry: Oh!
    Peralta: Ohhh.....That's so bitter! What's wrong with this chocolate milk?
    Waiter: Dark milk isn't chocolate milk. This is teat-to-mouth raw cow's milk. The bitterness of the chocolate brings out the sourness in the milk.
    Peralta: That's the worst part of both of those things!
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    Holt: Hello, Deputy Chief Wuntch. You've aged.
    Holt: We're here about a new and very potent form of Ecstasy which has surfaced in our precinct. Street name: Gigglepig.
    Wuntch: Hm. An embarassing blight growing right under your nose. Not unlike that mustache you had when we first met.
    Holt: That mustache was era-appropriate.
    Wuntch: This paperwork is a mess. A semicolon that should be a full colon? Was this prepared by a recent immigrant?

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