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Bronchitis from smoking weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KushxChronz, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I know bronchitis is a common thing in smokers... but is it supposed to be this bad? everytime i smoke i start coughing like crazy and all day i cough up yellow and gray mucus... this has happened to me before but its been lasting for months this time
  2. You probably need to take a little break and see a Doc for antibiotics.

    Yellow=bacterial infection
  3. Get some lean from your doctor dude.
  4. I'm kinda get that too, also my voice is way more scratchy. It might just be some type of allergy to something outside that makes you have a cough and mucus. That is what it is for me, I know this because in the winter I cough, but in the summer I don't, and thats when I'm smoking the most.

    But I'd listen to that guy earlier about the mucus thing.
    read that. Its possible your just swallowing some
  5. I know what you mean, i had that all november. no matter what go to the doc for some antibiotics, you probably wont get better without them. second, dont share pieces, smoke your shit individually, you dont wanna get all your mates sick (though i dunno if bronchitis is even contagious. i spent 5 mins sittin tryin to remember that word) third, you can smoke the whole time your on the antibiotics, you just mght not get better as quickly, but you'll still get better. i smoked cause it made me happy even though my throat was on fire and i could barely clear my bong
  6. Ya, seems like these days I can barely even take a hit without coughing my head off. Can't wait for shit to get better so I can enjoy my smoke again.
  7. Idk bro I just figured out I got pnuemonia. At first I thought it was just a chest cold, and I'd take one rip from my bong and have a coughing spell for 10 mins. I even resorted to making a lightbulb vape and that still had me hacking up a lung. Finally figured out I got pnuemonia in my upper right lung.

    If you got a fever along with it, def get that checked out.
  8. Take more vitamens, it will keep your immune system perked up reducing the chances of bacterial infection.
  9. Nope no fever, just tickly throat that won't go away, and whenever I smoke I get this irresistable urge to cough. I try to hold it and not cough which works sometimes, but then the coughing fits come after I exhale.

    Anyways, doctors are not really an option, being unemployed and uninsured.
  10. when you smoke weed more than often, you're more prone to respiratory infection. That's most likely what you have. So if bronchitis is an infection (not sure), then yes.

    same shit happens to me occasionally too. I've thrown up after taking a hit from coughing so fucking bad. Just take vitamins and eat fruits and drink water.

  11. I'm telling you right now that I definitely without a doubt got bronchitis which turned into acute pneumonia when I was smoking weed hardcore. WATCH YOUR LUNGS. You only have 1 set, unless you wanna wait a few years on a waiting list for a transplant.
  12. Well hopefully in the future when medical science has advance enough to grow fully functional organs in a lab from my own cells, I won't have to worry about the effects on my!
  13. i was going through that to coughing everytime long time smoker here and i went to doc and he gave me antibiotics and after that i do not cough so much but before that i would not get very high no matter how much i smoke but after the antibiotics i can not smoke that much i get stone off a lot less
  14. What you want to do is get some codeine. As much as you can. Then you can get a good buzz on from that, and don't forget to dip your blunt wraps in it before you roll up :D
  15. after the antibiotics i do not need it i have to smoke way less and get alot higher

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