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Bronchitis from smoking weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justin1020304, May 3, 2016.

  1. i used to smoke for about 2 years a lot and i remember i got bronchitis before, and then about 4-5 months ago i quit smoking for personal reasons. but recently started smoking again. and now i think im getting bronchitis again. i have a pretty bad cough its not consistant but if i make myself cough ill cough up brown mucus will a nasty cough with it. and overall i feel very drained. somewhat of a headache and some sleeping problems. like waking up early and then falling back to sleep. anyone have advice..?
  2. I find that also, been a daily smoker for 3 years now and I have had bronchitis off and on from 2014 it's every few months.
  3. Go to your family doctor and explain what you told us, we'll maybe not the smoking weed part but you know.
  4. Happens to me too, you very likely have allergies. I never had allergies up until the past year and now in the fall/spring when there is pollen and stuff I get a really really bad cough especially when I smoke and cough up black phlegm. Taking a allergy medication helps tremendously.
  5. ^^^ ACTUALLY. Reading your post scared me a bit. (cmon a lung problem is a scary thought) A few months ago i was diagnosed with "minor asthma". Played soccer (~4-5yrs) basketball (5 years), football (4 years) , and baseball (6 years) at the same time. Never once had a lung issue. Allergies yes. At 18 I started to buy weed. 9 months after smoking my lungs would wheeze when i inhale fresh air. Coming from a sports guy, its fucking frightening lowkey. Just fucking up ur lungs aint fun. Saw a lung and allergy specialist. Never mentioned smoking though. Was given an inhaler and i just started to stop using it. 6 days no wheezing!!! Actually am seeing the guy tomorrow to check up haha.

    the thing is though is that problem occurred only during fall time (fall time im always prone to some sickness but lung wheezing, sorta could be from allergy tho) either coincidental or the inhaler actually helped me. That i will not know.

    Just see a specialist. Lungs keep you alive.

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  6. The reason it only occurs during fall time is you are likely allergic to some irritant that only comes around in the fall months. I seem to have allergies from shit in both the fall and spring now.
  7. good to know

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