Bronchial Infection and weed

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  1. i just went to the doctor today and he said that i have a brochial infection or bronchitus. the infection built up fluid and mucas in my lungs chest and throat. the doc gave me a steriod breathing treatment, and a steriod shot to stop the infection. i just bought a beautifull nug and i wanted to smoke it tonight. do you think its ok to smoke a few bowls tonight or will the THC and the steriods cause my infection to be worse?
  2. Use your brain man, its pretty fucking obvious.:rolleyes: lol
  3. thanks for your answer but im already high, i think the roids made it better
  4. You're just going to prolong the infection and make it harder for your lungs to heal.

    Stay off the herb until you're better.
  5. Take it from me man. I got diagnosed with the same thing yesterday. I smoked with buddies last night and woke up this morning and feel like shit and still do (10am now). I feel like im gonna puke and the cold is worse, woke up with an even worse cough.

    So im gonna lay off the weed until I heal and just get a head high off cold medicine haha. (some crazy medicine we have here in canada called Contac for colds etc and its crazy)
    The anti-biotics i got also work like that.

    Anyways I believe i read somewhere an actual true myth about weed and how it lowers your immune system and biologically that makes sense.
  6. The smoke will make your throat/lungs feel worse. And the herb in general will slow down your immune system a bit making the general recovery longer. Not a good idea.
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    Word up bro i've had three bronchial infections i get em every winter...i love to smoke outside in the winter air...ya but bite the bullet and stop smoking till its gone otherwise it will get worse...wayy worse..but hey it only takes a minute to get better and ur tolearnce will go down W00T

    the THC and the steriods isn't what fucks u its the burning plant matter in your infected llungs which are trying to heal

    if you don't stop smoking you won't get better

    3 shots of nyquil will get ya feeling great
  8. i smoke n i drank:)
  9. i had this a few years ago.
    i basically smoked and drank the entire time and it ended up lasting for months.
    it actually got so bad i could hardly speak.
    all because i was retarded.

    lay off smoking while your respiratory tract is infected!

    if you are that desperate to be high than bake some edibles or get a vaporizer.

    if you want to get better than you have to lay off the smoking.

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