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Broken Vape =(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by solitarysundown, May 20, 2010.

  1. I ordered an aroma classic vape weeks ago, finally got it, was super psyched. Only to find out that the glass slide that goes on the heating rod doesn't fit into the plastic piece that holds the herb. The glass piece gets pretty hot, like around 300 I'm guessing seeing as how pot will vaporize in the 300's. Should I glue the two pieces together?

    I bought some apoxy but I'm worried because in CA the substance has been proven to cause cancer, and I'd be using it on a device that I inhale hot vapors from....

    advice please?
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    I'm not 100% if this is the case but from my understanding
    With whip style vapes there are two different kinds.
    Classic and handsfree. You got a classic.
    With that said, you could have got a much more reputable vaporizer with a warranty and also handsfree for cheaper.

    Edit: I just did a search, did you read the instructions? It says something about screwing and unscrewing.

  3. I'm not sure where you are coming from. I bought an Easy Vape, it has a GonG whip and comes with a life time warranty. It works damn good. I paid $50 for it SHIPPED, with a digital scale and kief catching grinder free.
  4. May I ask where? I'm looking for exactly that but all stores I find are 150$+
  5. I have never tried an EasyVape so I can't really say if it's bad or good.
    I was just pointing out that I have never heard of an aroma classic vaporizer and he could have got a warrantied vape with reviews to prove it's good functionality/durability for the same price if he had done a little more research.

    As far as the classic/handsfree thing goes, I don't know if that's his case, his vape could very well be broken.. I was referring to how there is a regular and handsfree boxstyle vaporbros. With the regular you have to use two hands as it doesn't attach, with the hansfree you can just attach it and use one hand to hold the whip and draw.

  6. It is a hands free unit, I can tell it's not the best one on the market, but I was highly rated for it's price and style, I think the only reason why I'm disappointed with it is because the pieces have a defect. Theres a plastic piece that holds the pot and that screws and unscrews, thats fine. But the plastic is suppose to be attached to the two glass pieces (the glass mouth that slides onto the heating rod and the air chamber/whip). The plastic on one side isn't shaped right and the glass slide doesn't stay in it.

    Theres a warranty on it so I called the company, but I just wanna use the damn thing so I'm thinking about gluing it together until I figure out about getting a new piece.
  7. Bro, Id send it straight back and get a new one even if you're anxious to use it.
    For one, that doesn't sound safe, secondly sending it back with epoxy or something caked on it could void the warranty.
    Id do nothing to it to be safe, send it back the way it came in the box.
  8. problem is I did already use it. It wasn't until the second time that I did that I found a problem. I know I didn't break anything because I was super careful, the piece just fell out. I don't know if I can send it back after throwing a bunch of bud in it. I guess I could clean it really well. I called the company and hopefully I find out what the deal is. Guess I'll hold off on the glue bah hum bug
  9. I knew what happened before I even opened this thread. You got a piece of shit vape. Next time do at least a few weeks of straight research, only buy from a quality, reputable brand.

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