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broken tree perc..options?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by reachin4cloud9, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. so this bongs four arm tree percbroke. 2 of the 4 arms are gone. the bong still works but because they broke off all the smoke goes out the broken two. what should i do???
    options ive thought of
    1. find a way to clog the broken ones so its just a two arm perc

    2. use it broken

    3. risk it by breaking it all out and possibly break the bong

    btw it has massive ice pinches that block the way for most options
  2. i'd say make sure theres no loose glass or possible chips that could come off while ripping the bong..

    only thing i might recommend is taking a long stiff rod that will fit past that ice pinches and just destroy all the percs make sure theres no loose glass and use it as a single chamber..

    i say try and get it re-blown into a single chamber or buy a new bong though...
  3. i honestly dont want to do this im either gonna leave it or try an clog the two holes with epoxy or something despite it might take hours of precision to do. oh and theres no chips or anything... rips fine
  4. if those are the only 2 choices you will decided between, i say leave the shit like it is.. just take it as it is and don't put water in the second chamber

  5. ha ima try the epoxy... if it duznt work no harm done and if it does hey i got a perc!

  6. then why did you make the thread if you weren't gunna take advise...

    also epoxy sounds like a bad idea
  7. yea hot smoke plus glue= fumes maybe

  8. Upload a picture and we'd be able to help you further. From what it sounds like I think I have about the same bong

  9. i will when i have time. i actually ended up being successful in fixing it.
  10. I have the same problem, its actually a small little hole in one of the arms, i too have the same problem because i have the gripp for the ice. i can get to it with a thin and long object. Need help, i can post picture if needed to.
  11. how did you fixed it?
  12. Because no one on the internet actually wants advise. They only want affirmation.

    Why no pics of the break or fix?

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