Broken Toro 7/13, Need HELP

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  1. Okay So i have had this toro for as long as i can remember, its been my daily driver ever since i got it and i always treat it with care.
    So a couple days ago, my girlfriend smoked it and left it on the side of her bed, and at night her dogs came in the room toppled it over, and, well, now i am stuck with a broken toro.
    What i am wondering if its possible to get this repaired, i got it for around 800 new a couple years ago, i have tried to contact 805glassrepair but they quoted me 250-300, i would be fine paying that if it means i get the toro back in almost perfect condition, but they told me the middle perc would probably break during the process.
    I have heard that toro takes repairs as long as you find a way to send it in, but i have no idea how, i have tried to find ways to contact them but they always lead to dead ends, i have tried calling a few shops around and they all told me they don't deal with toro.
    So 2 questions
    1: where can i find Toro's contact email/number or a head shop that can send it in for me (i live in the LA area)
    2: if sending it in to toro is out of the question, then anyone know any shop that can fix it without the loss of the middle tree perc?
    I am cooling with spending some money to get it fixed, i am also cool with waiting, if sending it in to toro will take a couple months to get back, i will be totally cool with that
    Thanks for all the help in advance guys!
    Here are the pictures of my toro

  2. Have to find a toro authorized retailer and have them send it in for you. Also try contacting fishbone glass repair on facebook.
  3. $800.00 ? Man...that's like a major bummer. IDK what to tell you. I have absolutely no experience with broken bongs. Except for one, a long time ago. It was an ultra cheapo $20.00 water pipe that broke on me due to a rapid temperature change. $20.00 is nothing nowadays.
  4. I would die if I broke my ski mask banger. So much money ya know. And then one day it just comes crashing down... So sad!

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  5. Man that's horrible. Those photos are genuinely hard to look at.

    My advice would be to try and find someone whose had toro repairs done and see how they went about it. Try the glass section on Nuggetry? I'm always seeing broken/repaired toros on there.

    Worth a shot IMO.

    Hope it turns out ok brotha, no worse feeling that irreparable glass.

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  6. Is suggest finding a local blower that makes quality pieces and seeing what they can do, I just got a repair back from a local artist and I'm stoked about it

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  7. I'd go with fishbone, if he'd take the piece. his work is great

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