Broken Syn Mini Showerhead.

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    Opened the door, heard something shatter. Link showing aftermath pics:

    The tube itself is intact, but the stem got obliterated. Any suggestions? I want to get back to smoking fat tokes asap.
  2. No picture at link for me.
  3. Buy a new piece or take it to a local glass blower and see if he can repair it.  You can probably ask at your lhs if they can recomend someone.
  4. Fucking Tragic... even without the pic. And when you say stem... The SYN showerhead is Stemless, you mean the Joint? 
  5. Dang that sucks dude. If you want that repaired, they'll need to create a whole new stem for ya. Glass Blowers Direct does repairs but usually for easier breaks. Try emailing them about it and ask if they can make a new stem. Good luck
  6. Yeah, i meant the joint. The link should work now though. I'll hit up a few LHS's and see if they know anybody. I highly doubt they will though, the LHS's in Canada aren't the same as they are in the US.
  7. You can most likely get it repaired but it will cost a good amount. Usually when I break glass it means it's time for a fresh piece.

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