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  1. Hey guys I have a plant thats pruned and has 2 pruned stems about 5 feet tall and one of them has snapped at the bottom what can I do to help it? so far ive taped it up so its back against where it broke off from. My plant is 2 or 3 weeks into flowering.
  2. Thatll do, itll be healed better than new in a week.
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    So in the meantime should I try and keep it out of direct sunlight? The branch that broke off was about 5 feet tall right from the bottom of the stem and it isnt drooping today thank god cause its about half of my plant:). Im just worried because this is my best plant this year due to all my others getting dug up and flooded and it was growing great until yesterday morning. How long should I keep it out of wind for and how long does it usually take to resume growing buds again once a big stem breaks in flowering? I hate how its about half the plant that got broke off and its a good sized plant. Thanks for the help guys and gals.
  4. Just let it be. Make sure it is securely fastened together, and itll be just fine.
  5. You have done all you can do. MJ is a resilient plant, that heals damage well.
  6. duct tape is your friend.

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