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    Hey everyone as you can tell this is my first post but i have been reading the forums for a while.. i had bought a bong about two bongs from a small headshop by where i live and i've been smoking out of it since and its been all fun but the other day during a smoke sesh my stem got dropped and shattered to a million pieces.... now i am looking for a new one and i have a few questions.... first off i know that the slides are measured in mm and my problem is i have no idea where there is any ruler inside of my house to measure the stem but i do know that its the size of a bic pen so would anyone know what size slide i would need to get? and now secondly does it matter how long the shaft is? or is it ok as long as i can get a tight seal on there?
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    Do you have a slide that seals the bong with a rubber grommet or one with a Glass on Glass seal?

    If yours is this size then you have a 14.4 sized slide, if larger you probably have an 18.8. Length doesn't really matter unless you're buying GonG pieces like diffusers or ashcatchers that possibly could have placement issues
  4. so it used a rubber grommet so i imagine it wasnt medical glass and i just took a dime to it and it fit the diameter of the dime, but its also wider at the top and where it goes into the chamber it does shrink a little bit... if pics would help i can certainly take some
  5. If it's not GonG then the slide you're looking for is most likely a 12mm. If in doubt trace the outline of your slide fitting (if it still exists) and take it to a headshop to see if what they have matches your diagram

  6. the slide fitting does still exist but i cant really trace it that well because its stuck in the bong really tight unless you mean just the top of it and that i can do... only problem is my local headshop is closed for like a week or two because the owners went on vacation or something so i was looking to try and ordering it off here tonight... but um i do have good news i was able to find an old ruler and so now i can actually measure it... my question is where do i measure? cause like i said its wider at the top and then it shrinks down a little

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