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Broken Seeds!!!

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Num, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. right - I'm pretty amazed by this!

    Set some seeds off yesterday (6) , but out of the 10 pack, 1 was broken into 3 or 4 pieces.
    I thought wth - & stuck them on the cotton wool anyway.

    Amazingly, I now have 9 shoots!!!
    So, wait a minute............broken seeds will still grow.
    So I could (in theory) get 20 + healthy shoots from 10 seeds.:hello:

    I'll give them another 12hrs or so & post a pic so u can see what I mean.
  2. sounds intrestin...

    how they getting on?...
  3. hmmm would be great news but before I throw all my beans in a coffee grinder hehe...It might depend on the seed or maybe it depends on how the seed is split? would be cool tho, how are they turning out?
  4. you need one of those pepper grinders....its all in the wrist you know....:wave:
  5. er - well they sprouted taproots, but haven't broken through the soil yet.
    (i put the complete shoots in rockwool for hydro growing & the broken 1's I potted in compost)
    Be interesting to see how they turn out - seem ok so far :smoking:
  6. well, hopefully they will pop up. This is just odd. How did the seed break apart, did you ever see it together? I am wondering if this seed was a mutant, maybe like garlic cloves or some sort of twin seed that broke apart. Did the pieces have a skin all the way around or could you see the inside of the seed? Come to think of it, I have seen a pic somewhere of a double sprout from a single seed awhile back.

    Hmmm pepper mill, didn't think of that. I would have gone for turkish expresso.
  7. heres a quote from robbie clarke
    i wonder if your seed split in such a way as to get some of the embryonic growing tip in each part...hope they come through but with little or no cotyledons to feed off....

    nah pgtips any day....goes so well with a smoke...;)
  8. let me see if i understand this;

    u put 6 full seeds in + 3-4 broken pieces of 1 seed.

    and u have 9 sprouts coming up.

    therefore that would mean that 3 of the 3-4 broken pieces have sprouted?

    do i have this correct?
  9. not sure exactly how many broken seeds there were - but 3 part seeds have sprouted & are now in the propagator with cotys with the intact ones from the same packet :D

    If they turn out to be runts I'll scrap them, but I don't see why they should be - they seem healthy as the others :D

    Thinking about it, if u leave a spud in the dark, u can grow a complete plant from 1 eye, so it makes sense really.

    Just surprised me that's all :D

    see: [​IMG]
    keeping them separate so i don't get them mixed up
  10. well thats my theory blown out the water...all those cotys are intact which means they started life as complete packages:confused:....
  11. lol... to much of the mind is needed at this time and i dont have it...

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