Broken roor!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by greentea, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. ok so what happened was a friend of mine was over at another friends house and smoking out of a roor after they were done he was setting down the bong and the stem hit a table and in a freak accident shattered all over the place,(he wasn't like throwing it down he was just setting it down) when the stem broke it chipped the bottom of the hole the stem fits in and so now it doesn't get good suction. There is tension now between them, what do you think should happen? Maybe someone has to die...
  2. whoever fucked up the RooR should pay for that........... id be extremly upset if any1 broke my RooR
  3. yeah I would usually think that the one who broke it would have to pay for it but he bought the roor from another guy for like 1/4th the price and the guy who broke it is a closer friend than the guy with the roor:confused_2: so I guess im on his side?!?!
  4. somebodies gotta cough up the retail price for whatever they broke, and if its something RooR then that sucks, cause roor stuff isnt exactly cheap.

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