Broken pure: beaker bottom busts out in hand

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Spazmatik420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Has anyone ever had a problem like this or has heard of a problem. I am pissed i paid 250 for it plus tax. Does anyone know how i can contact pure?:(
  2. Also i bought the piece in dayton ohio called hazy shade
  3. i doubt they will do anything for you, not like you bought an extended warranty for it lol. ive had a 500 dollar piece that a small fan fell on while no one was in the room. landed on a sweet spot in the beaker, and im left with a 2 foot glass bat lol. its glass man, it breaks. unfortunately the best thing to do is find a local blower and see if they can repair it. i want to have my broken piece repaired but have them make it a straight tube instead of a beaker, that way im not paying to have the same exact bong again lol. just an idea if you cant throw down for a new one
  4. Good looks bro. I called the store right when it happened and he said he'll contact pure mon. or tuse. and see wut they can do. he knows me i am a frequent customer so he said if they can't do anything then he'll hook me up on a huge discount. :hello: But i am hoping that they'll just hook it up for free since it looked like it broke on the seal.
  5. Pures are shitty glass, that's all there is to say
  6. Man that sux i wish i knew that before i bought it man. the guy at the shop said they had no problems until me.
  7. Yeah, PURE isn't known to have the thickest glass out there. You'd be best off trying to barter with the guys at your shop rather than having to deal with PURE.
  8. If i don't hear from them by tomorrow i am gonna go up there with the broken pipe and show them that the seam wusn't sealed all the way i mean for fuck sakes it broke in my dudes hand when i passed it to him. I am so fucking pissed. i hope they will fix it if not i am gonna show up with the non clean bong and piss them off and post outside and tell everymother fuck to not buy anything from them and there shit is bunk. have a huge poster with a broken pure and make sure they never buy from there.:D
  9. Buy a US Tubes! They're the beefiest out there.
  10. Illadelph FTW

  11. dont do that.
  12. I wus just venting. the two worst things happend my new bong broke and the bengals lost. i am just really shitty right now:mad:
  13. Good news i got a call from hazy shade. they told me to bring in the broken piece. sent pictures to pure. i have to send in the top part into pure and they are gonna blow a new beaker into it. :hello: Mad props to hazy shade for their excellent customer service. Free of charge!!!! :D:smoke::p
  14. If you want a tube that can take a beating, buy a us tube. I don't own one, but have used one and had a very long judgmental look at it. They are very thick, enough said haha.

  15. lol and you were ready to post up outside of the shop with a poster trashing the company...
  16. Make sure you clean it before you get it repaired!
  17. Threads like these are why I lol when kids on this forum say there is no difference between china glass and real handblown American/German stuff. Next time do your research and buy something with better value that's blown by someone reputable.
  18. I'll post a pic of it when i get it back fixed then u'll c why i bought it. i'm not a kid either i am 21. i never really heard of pure before. so i thought y the hell not. btw pure is not blown in china asshole its in the us the hazy shade only buys us products no imports.
  19. man so i am so stoaked to get it fixed its rediculous.


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