broken plant. help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by edmonds21, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. allright so somehow last night something snaped my plant in half. When i got out there this morning i put the plant in a gallon of water. Is there anything i can do to save it?
  2. is it flowering?
  3. ya its flowering
  4. Get you some tape and tape that motherfucker back up. If it's not completely broken it has a good chance to heal and keep on budding.
  5. Get us a picture, but I'm pretty sure it's too late man.. Even if it could come back, that is putting a lot of stress on the plant and it would have turned hermie.
  6. my plant got broken one time. ended up branching out quite nicely, and then at 4ft tall got broken again, this time i wasnt home.. storm damage did it.. ended up trying to cut clones like crazy, and only one survived. so now i have a 6'' tall budding plant instead. lol. maybe u can save some of yours as well if not all of it
  7. Your plant won't herm if you break a branch off lol. If the main cola were to break off the rest of the plant would bud normally and probably be danker then it would have been had the main branch not been cut. If there is hope just tie it up like others have said and it will heal, I've seen branches with only a few fibers holding it on heal back up normally. Good luck.

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