Broken Pipes

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  1. I don't know if there's already a thread for this but I just broke my bowl while digging for resin :[ after having it for about 2 years I bought it from EDIT for 12 bucks. Most deff got my moneys worth outa it. Anyways post pics of pipes you broke.
  2. :( sad day when ones pipe breaks. broke a favorite pipe of mine a few months ago but got a better one :smoke:
  3. Yeah well now i can get all that resin outa there cause im dry.
  4. Harvest all that resin.... Now.
  5. don't smoke that shit just save your money and buy a new pipe and some weed mang
  6. Got a 4g resinball after i dried it out in the sun for a few hours. This thing could last someone weeks lol. Terrible hits gross.
  7. I'm a little jealous.... Flatten that bitch out as thin as you can and cut a square out of it the size of a rolling paper.... then roll a j.
  8. You really were getting down in that thing! I've broken one just like yours, but never that bad! LOL! Almost looks like you dropped it! Be careful wit da glass man! :p
  9. atleast you put that baby to use!

    now enjoy the resin bruh.
  10. Ha hell yeah it was my main piece. I didn't drop though I was using a tool to clean it that I should have and twisted it the wrong way a little to hard in the carb hold and it just cracked and fell apart. I was sad but a little glad about all that resims

  11. are you sayin make a pure rez joint? would that even work? there would be no suction on just a solid peice of rez?
  12. I don't see that working to well either, but would be fun to try
  13. My sister broke my bowl a few days ago. I had it for a little over a month.. But I just ordered the Journey Pipe, which is a new-age metal pipe that shouldn't be able to break! I was pretty shook when she broke it, because all the people we were smoking with heard it too.. She just hit it too hard while getting all the res out after the bowl was kicked.

    I'm really excited for this journey pipe doe!
  14. Keep it empty... Just a tube of resin... putting bud in would result in all the bud burning and the res still long as fuck... just roll it up into a tube, press and seal it with a lighter, hit it with a torch to get the whole cicle to cherry... and just puff on it.

  15. Eww. I just threw up a bit...

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