Broken pipe, need replacement peice

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  1. My friend gave me a spoon bowl, slide thing, and half of it rolled off the counter while I was cleaning it and smashed. Its kind of like a globe with a female end but the hole is a lot smaller.

    I have never seen this peice in a lhs or any online site so blades help me out !

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  2. Still havent found anything :(
  3. bump ~ someone help this guy ;p
  4. Thats cool, ive never seen a spoon that doubled as a bong slide... Not too sure how well it would work in a bong though, weed might fall out.. Damn man that sucks, i tried searching the internet and couldnt find anything.

    Ive never even seen one of those, its a shame that it broke :(
  5. I have a sherlock pipe that has an 18mm glass bowl joint.

    But i have never seen a pipe mouthpiece like THAT- with a glass bowl joint.
  6. These photos almost don't make sense to me.
  7. The photos make perfect sense, and ive used it in my bong it works awesome you just have to cover the carb on the slide
  8. Do you guys think a 18mm female to 18mm male adaptor would work?
  9. Hmm seems like I have a very unique pipe here...
  10. Indeed you do.
  11. Is their a way to move this to another subforum such where I could get more views on this?
  12. bump after hella long still cant fix it someone help :(
  13. get some dialysis tubing with the appropriate diameter and shove it on the joint until it kindof stretches out and is airtight. it might look stupid but it'll make the pipe smokeable without burning your nose
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    This is worthy of attention someone help him@!@!!$!!#@@!

    And someone for the love of god link to a website where we can get pieces like that ^^^^ shits awesome :smoke:

  15. Thanks man I appreciate the love :smoking:
  16. Bumpppppppppppp
  17. Contact a glassblower and have them make you something.
  18. Shitty pipe
  19. Why can't you just attach a dome to the male end and use the dome as a mouth piece? That's what I've done to make bowls into a chillum.
  20. It's just like a bong slide with a glass joint on it but for this the bowl is sideways so you can attach a mouthpiece and smoke it like a spoon. grav labs makes mouthpieces i think.

    edit: or you can ask a glass blower to make a mouthpiece it would be cheap and easy it's same concept as a J hook.

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