Broken perc help plz.

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    So i just bought this bong for my gf of 2 years. She absolutly loved it. Not even a week after buying it, my dog knocked it over accidently and broke 1 of the 10 percs. It still hits but when your milking it, the smoke comes from the bottom section up and out the hole where the prec broke insread of ththough the 9 other percs.. what should i do? :( CAM00012.jpg
  2. Buy a new bong...
  3. the repair is probably going to be cost more than the bong, glass breakks it happens mang. grab a new one and make new memories.
  4. Here are your options:
    1) Get a new bong
    2) Try to break the rest of the perc and fish it out then clean the shit out of it.
    3) Pretend like nothing is wrong with it and keep hitting it which I don't suggest because the idea of inhaling from something with pieces of broken glass in it sounds terrible.

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