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  1. my 3 week old clone broke off in the main stem and other branches. can it survive? and if I try to clone the branches will it grow roots?
  2. yes it can. its probably too late now, but you could have just taped it all back up.
  3. Pictures would be helpful to assess the problem further.
  4. I will take pics, I also tried to tape it all back together but noticed that where it broke off turned brown and closed. I saved the main stem which is still in a Dixie cup and has roots that are still healthy. how long till it starts to grow leaves and branches again and should I be still giving nutes to it?
  5. if it broke off below the first node, its fucked. in that case I would try to graft some of what broke off to it and root the rest.
  6. damn!!! ya it broke below the first node. i guess I should trash the plant?
  7. I saved a piece of the stem I put it in ph'd water in a cup. what would I have to do to graft it?
  8. google grafting, duh
  9. the main stem carries water from the roots to the top buds, if the main stem is broken it wont carry enough water to the flowers, take cuttings and start over

  10. no shit dude, if its not attatched it wont carry anything. if on the other hand it had snapped and was still attatched, then you could just get it back into position and it would heal - so you misunderstood the situation AND youre wrong. awesome. :rolleyes:
  11. even if its snapped off can i still graft it?
  12. have you even googled? -.-

  13. yes i did and i actually graft it yesterday and hopefully it works and grows once again:hello:
  14. which method did you use?
  15. I love how people go into detail but don't post pics to illustrate. I grafted an oak tree on to my cannabis plant and it grew pears that got you high. Was amazing but I didn't take any pics...

  16. i split the stems in half and put them together and taped together.

  17. ...I actually expected an exact answer that woudl be a method that actually works. splitting both stems is not, how would you put that together? -.-
  18. How does that work then? I read somewhere that you're supposed to do like a plug and socket thing with the two parts of the plant and cut a v shape insert on one plant and a v shape point on the other. The fit them together and tape it up. Don't have any practical experience tho so just my 2pence. Good luck :)
  19. it seems to be working but if not i atleast saved a branch that was wilting and i cloned it and now standing up again! so far so good with the graft. i looked at many places about grafting and went with the split method like blazeman has said, kinda like a socket to plug type of graft. i just planted some kush seeds (dont know what they are) but it is now about an inch long.

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