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Broken main stem

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jmoney151, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. hi was just curious as to my problem. the other day i found my plant to be broken in half the top 6 inches snapped clean off dont know how it happened but pretty upset there any way the plant is still salvagable there is about 13 inches of plant left with little leaves sprouting. please someone help me i need to know ASAP! thanks
  2. you could try and clone the brances.
  3. So if you had a 19 inch plant and 6 inches broke off your 13 inch plant should be fine. You could try rooting the broken off part into some clones like dire said but, the top of the plant does not have as high a success rate for clones like the bottom does. It is worth a try though.
  4. If you catch a break when it happens (hopefully not late into flowering,)you can actually fuse the pieces back to gether. They must be pressed tightly together and fastened with something (I use tin foil. Masking tape would probably work good too.) Once the pieces grow back together the break will turn into a fat little elbow, and the buds on it will be the FATTEST on the whole plant!! Ive had to do this a couple of times over the course of my last few grows. Accidents happen...
  5. try a splint. just use a small stick and some tape

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