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Broken main stem, advice

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bravery767, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. I made a post pretty recently about a very young plant of mine whos stem snapped somehow (not totally off). I applied some tape to keep it supported and the plant still seemed to be responding to its light and doing seemingly well. Although as of recent the two bottom leaves have started to shrivle up (third picture) and im wondering if i should trim the affected area and re plant to top or let it be. Any advice?

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  2. Hey bud, that thing is stretching ridiculously!! First things first you need to bring your lights much closer. Also at this point stabilize it by placing a stake into the soil next to the seedling and gently securing the seedling to it. Then build up some soil around the remaining stem.
  3. haha yeah its been doing pretty well despite its current situation. I'm using a 50 watt desk bulb right now and could move that closer but i was also considering going to the 24" florescent bulb fixture a bit quicker than planned? And its a bit hard to see but iv got a paper clip which i straightened out and placed next to it for support, are you saying i should just make it straighter up towards the ceiling in general? Should I be concerned about the two bottom leaf's drying up like that or will it only be a minor set back? 
  4. Those are cotyledons and they are absolutely crucial to your plant! They will naturally fall away after 3 or 4 weeks into your vegetative cycle. They provide vital nutrients to young seedlings.

    As for your light... a 54W household light is not acceptable. If you're going for cheap there are plenty of affordable alternatives that can promote plant growth.

    Additionally, light needs to be closer. Roughly within 12-18 inches from the plant.

    Not sure on your situation, but I would recommend starting over... and use some proper supplies.

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