Broken GoG Joint Locked in Bong

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  1. My nightmare has been realized. I let my friend borrow my prized piece and when I went back to claim it, his girlfriend had broken the pre-cooler and now the male glass joint is stuck in the female part of the bong... I have no way to get any leverage, so force is out of the question, and there is no wiggle room. Is my prized possession dead for good, or is there some way to get that damn piece out without shattering it? Glass blowers are few and far between around here so a DIY option would be the best bet, any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

  2. I use a tooth brush with a rubber handle to get stuck downstem, and shit out of joints etc. Also try putting it in the freezer for a little, and then it pop out with a little pull. Not to long though.

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  3. Never let people borrow any bongs and try the freezer like he said.
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  4. try the fridge, if that doesn't work, maybe a pair of curved forceps would help you push it up from the bottom...maybe try twisting up the end of a dish cloth jamming it in and turning it from side to side (or a rubber stopper might work better, rubber would give you better gripping), point is to try to get it to twist slightly which should break the air lock.  Obviously don't use your fingers if there is sharp glass around the joint.
    Another idea I had was to fill it up to that point with veggie oil, maybe it'll help it slide out.
    If all else fails you can try to break the remaining portion of the male stem.
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  5. The rubber stopper combined with the freezer made it pop out with little difficulty. Thanks!

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  6. i think this way works
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  7. The same thing happened to me when my dog knocked my bong over. I tried several different ways to get the male joint out. Finally got it out with a Hook tool.

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  8. Damn dude, I really hope your friend is replacing your precooler since he was borrowing it. I've been through a similar scare with bubbler beads in my tree perc so congrats on getting out safely. :D
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  9. I had my bong tip off something and the bowl and downstem brok of inside the female piece. I let it dry out for like a month and even cleaned it with alcohol and it was still stuck, I tried freezing it and then I took a metal skewer and bent the end like a hook and slide it down the stem so I could pull from the inside. it ended up breaking so I just chipped at it until it broke out. that bong wasn't the same again lol


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