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Broken Glass Stories

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by peacefrog1, May 14, 2010.

  1. So, you have all been there when someone broke a bong, bubbler, pipe, or anything else thats glass. When you're blazed, it can be a pretty mindblowing experience(as in DUDE DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!) as well as a buzzkill. So let's hear the worst story you've got.

    One of mine would probably have to be a few years back. I was driving around with my girl and her friend and i picked this kid up who had a huuuge crush on the other girl I was with. So we pick him up and he's willing to smoke us out about 2 grams out of his nice $80 bubbler. So we smoke, drive around, listen to music and after a while the kid has gotta go home. At that time i had a 2 door car, and he was in the back. So as he's getting out the girl goes, "Sam you didnt give me a hug!" So one foot is already out of the car and he turns to give the girl a hug which puts him in a pretty awkward position. He turns to get out and straight up falls on his face. He rolls over to get up, starts standing up and as he does his bubbler slipped right out of his jacket pocket and shattered. It wasn't too big of a deal, but I felt really bad for the kid because it was his first piece AND he had just smoked us out.
  2. a buddy of mine opened his car door on my pure ashcatcher. luckily jus on the ashcatcher but still it was a mind blowing experience lol like a no way that jus went down moment. one of the worst feelings seein something breakk
  3. Myself and a few of my friends were sitting in the living room and my friend had a custom sherlock on his lap and it was dark blue/black and he was wearing black shirt/dark pants and totally forgot it was sitting there stood up and boom right into a million pieces all over the floor
  4. Luckily ive never broken mine nor anybody elses glass
  5. A friend of mine had a really nice steamroller and he ran inside his house to get it, came back out running towards the car and tripped shattering it on the ground and cutting up his hands real bad like blood everywhere
  6. i friend of mine bought a really nice glass bong about a week before we went camping
    so we brought it with us and smoked out of it the whole camping trip
    but on the last day we were in the showers and theres these little tables
    just flimsy little plastic tables inside of each shower stall for all your stuff
    and he had his bag with all of his clothes and his bong sitting on it
    so a couple minutes into showering i hear it fall and shatter in the next stall
    it was absolutely tragic. hahah he even kept a piece cause he was so sad
    and he only had it for like less than two weeks
    and once we were drunk and my girlfriend broke my first glass peice
    but we were drunk and it wasnt as sad
  7. it was terrible. this one time my friends girlfriend dropped my friends double blown bowl onto his brand new bong. shatterred the bulb then proceeded to destroy the bubbler somehow. the double blown bowl didnt have a mark on it lol
  8. I used to have an animal of a bong it was huge, thick and had cool changing lights on the bottom so hitting it in the dark was uber cool..and the guy I was living with at the time dropped it on a tile floor....:mad: He bought me a new one but it doesn't even compare to the one he broke but hey, what can ya do?
  9. Only broken two pieces, neither of which were my fault, but my pieces..
  10. I broke my SG 4-8. That was such a sad day.

    I had just starting to smoke my morning bowl and I had just put it back up (I kept it on my mantle) so I could continue getting dressed. When I had set it back up, it had tapped a mirror behind it, the mirror hit the wall and then fell forward, taking the bong with it. It broke off the top tubing just past the splashguard and died in repair.
  11. had my bong in a backpack only over one shoulder and a leaned down and the backpack slid off my shoulder on to the cement
  12. I put my sherlock bubb(empty) in a temporary stash so if somone walked in they wouldn't see it, I forget about it for a min, I had some hash in a glass container [​IMG] the last one on the right, exact one. I was going to put it away carefully but I got lazy and threw it in, I hear a clink and think nothing of it.

    10 mins later I smell some nice dank so I check on my bubbler, it was broken in two by the joint connecting the bowl, and whats even worse was my rents found out =l was a bad day indeed.
  13. Just a couple days ago I set my bong on top of my table and when I went to remove it my hand knocked it off and is broke completely in half. Luckily, I just got a new one today
  14. Just a couple weeks ago, my PURP bong got kicked into a complete backflip landing facedown on the ashcatcher, only the ashcatcher broke but it matched the piece perfectly.

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