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Broken Glass Pipe

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by YogIDaBeaR, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. I had a question my cousin broke his glass bowl. And it has tons of residue. How do i scrap it off or how do i do it. With what tools. Show me some of you're ways of doing it?
  2. with a knife.
  3. use a light on the glass to melt the resin a bit then scrap with a knife (i made a tool in gr.12 to scrap resin with told my teacher it was just a random thing i built) and i still have it lol! works perfect...then hot knife your resin or smoke it in a bong and get ripped
  4. you can smoke that shit?...barfff
  5. i smoke it...it gets me high. use an exacto knife or a razor blade and scrape that shit into a little bowl or something and make a resin ball. put it in a bong or pipe and smoke it like hash :)
  6. but...it smells like poo
  7. Sure it doesn't taste to great but if it came from good bud it'll get you high. I'm tired of all the res haters here. It's not just "tar." Think of the bowl as an extension of your lungs/mouth. Res is the smoke that condensed and didn't make it to your lungs. Burning the cannabinoids twice surly changes them in some way. But don't tell me res from good bud doesn't get you high. Now nasty mid-res, fuck that shit.

    Don't heat it up first. Scrape what you can then wash in alcohol and evaporate on a plate.
  8. The high that you get some resin is oxygen deprivation. If you are seriously so desperate to get high and need to resort to resin then you need to quit smoking marijuana. As for cleaning the broken glass piece, go to Walmart and buy some ISO alcohol, you can get it in the medicine section and costs no more then 3 dollars. Make sure that you get the 90% because it is much stronger then the 74%, and just pour some of it into a plastic bag and let the broken pieces soak in there for a little bit, and then take it out and scrub with a clean sponge or a paper towl.

    No one is hating on resin, they are just trying to inform people that it is ridiculous to smoke and does really nothing for you, it's not worth smoking and if you can't wait until you can get some money to get more bud then your crazy and have a problem.

    Good luck brotha.... :bongin:
  9. I scatter small resin balls in regular bowls sometimes just to add a bit of a suprise. To extract it, just scrape it with a paperclip or something along those lines.
  10. Tastes like complete shit but it gets you high as hell. Enjoy!

    Seriously though it tastes awful
  11. I never even taste it, lol. Or maybe I just don't care how it tastes, because I am not smoking weed to taste it... haha
  12. umm....where have you been. it doesnt smell good but it will get you HIGH. Someone told me that resin has 3 times the THC in it than weed. im not sure about that number exactly but it seems right for me

    as for what to use to scrape it out, i use a combination of a knife (i think the duller the better, but thats just an opinion) and a unbent paperclip or wire or something
  13. and when does it MULTIPLY in THC levels? when you BURN it?
  14. i agree as well there is nothing wrong with resin... holds you over untill you re up. you get a buzz off it. and its good to clean the pipe everyonce and awhile:smoke:
  15. Well guys i used a razor. I found it much easier to have a sharp razor. it scrapes the resin off the bowl pieces very well. It scraped corner's very well. I got a size of a nestle goober. lol! I'm actually pretty blitz from the resin. Since i don't have a bowl yet. I used my wooden pipe, that i bought in Jamaica. Put some foil. And i just hit it direct. 2 hits and I'm blitzed. Btw I'm in Miami, FL. FIRE BUDS! Lol
  16. haha you sound like my good friend he hates resin. he thinks hes smoking like poison its funny
  17. 100% wrong man. There's nothing wrong with smokin' rez, and the high is DEFINETLY not from oxygen deprivation. If you truly believe the previous, you have been extremely mis-informed. Do some research from CREDIBLE sources next time. ;)
  18. I personally use the cut off edge of a guitar string. Works wonders. :3

  19. Does that mean i can hold my breath to get high!?;)

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