Broken Downstem

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  1. My buddy's bong fell over today, snapping the downstem right at the joint.
    Any ideas on how to get this out? It's waterlocked pretty well.


    I'd prefer a method that's a very low risk to the joint itself.
  2. It's hard to see that it's broken by that pic. Definitely sucks though.
  3. Yeah, I took it with my webcam but the break was right where the downstem met the joint, so I have nowhere to grip it to pull it out.
    All the glass that was sticking up even a little past the rim is now broken, so I have to find another way.
  4. Am I seeing things or did the percolator break too? :eek:
  5. Wow, I was tripping way too hard to notice that. I just took it out and yes, it's snapped off right at the base.
  6. oh damn that sucks dude..
    to get the downstem out id suggest getting something long and actually sticking it in and trying to break the downstem even more then washing ir out a few times to get the glass pieces out
  7. I was thinking of something like this, but I'm afraid I might break the joint if I do something like that.
    I'd rather a way to pull it out than try to break it and accidentally break the joint too.

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