Broken Downstem Bowl Stuck

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  1. Okay so I was just blazing a little bit ago and I was cleaning up and putting my bong away... and i put my down stem and bowl in a plastic baggie (so it doesn't smell) and me being a dumb ass accidentally dropped the bag and my down stem snapped :(
    Okay so when i picked it up and opened the bag and i picked up the down stem and it was like a clean split! So well i was happy because at least my bowl piece didn't shatter! but when i tried to pull it out it was stuck :( 
    I really haven't tried any thing yet other than pulling on it! What can i do that can loosen it up? 
    Alright please anything helps! 
    And I'm obviously going to have to go and get a new down stem... so whats the best diffused down stem? Like showerhead ect..  Im going to just go down to my LHS and look around so please reply with what you think!
    Thanks guys!

  2. Bump please guys need help Sent from my iP
  3. If it's not coming off because it's got a lot of resin or reclaim on it, you can try heating it up and twisting while you pull.
    Otherwise, just break the downstem off.  It's already broken isn't it?  Just be careful and don't break your bowl.
    Good luck!
  4. If its got a lot of resin on it soak the broken piece in alcohol Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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