Broken downstem and slide (need advice)

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  1. Alright so, last night i had a few friends in my room smoking. Anyway, I was smoking my friends out and when we finished the bowl, I told my friend to just put the bong on the desk next to him. We just chilled for a while, then the guy who had my bong last moved his leg a bit and knocked the bong over. Apparently he never put the bong on the desk.

    So now I have a broken slide, and the diffused downstem snapped at the bottom inside the beaker. I have no idea how the bottom of the downstem was able to break, with no other part of the downstem breaking.

    Here is the only picture I have of my bong. The black thing near the where the downstem meets the bong itself is the rubber grommet.


    Basically the problem I have, is that the bong has a rubber grommet holding the downstem in the bong itself. I've never taken the downstem out of my bong and was wondering if anyone has advice on how to take the downstem out. It seems like its really difficult to take out, and I would like to not break any more parts of my bong haha.

    Also, what do you guys think I should ask my friend to do? I just want to make sure I do the fair/rational thing.
  2. id ask him to help by another slide. as for the other problem, hopefully some more seasoned bong tokers can help you with that.
  3. Yea I'm considering asking him to buy me a new downstem and slide. I was pretty pissed when he broke the slide, because that was my better bowl of the two I have and I bought it by itself, it didn't come with the bong.

    The other thing I'm considering, is to try to sell him the bong itself for pretty cheap, with the broken stem and the bowl that came with the bong. What do the blades think?
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    don't stress, it's a common thing to take out the downstem with a grommet . mine is the same way. just lube it up with something slick, like vegetable oil, windex, anything really. enough water works sometimes too and then just slowly loosen it up until it comes out. with no water or liquid, it is nearly impossible to remove because there is too much resistance, but once you get it wet, it will be that much easier.

    hope this helps and good luck. don't try and overly force it either. if it's not going then don't use excessive force. it should come out relatively easily once it is good and ready. just wiggle downstem back and forth and side to side until the whole thing is lubed up and then it should slide right on out... peace
  5. Thanks alot acidraindrips, I was able to get the downstem out with no problem at all, just took a while. Now I just gotta have this dude pay me back.

    + rep for your help
  6. that's not beaker it's Borealis

  7. Hmm, never knew there was such a thing. You learn something new everyday.

    +rep for the info!

  8. Depends how close you are. Personally I wouldn't make a good friend pay at all if it was an accident.

    If your not that close, yeah make him pay.

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