Broken Chamber Fix?

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  1. Me and my buddy were carrying his new bong in a gift bag when the handle broke and sent the two day old bong careening at the sidewalk, breaking the chamber about 4-5 inches below the inhale hole, leaving the new hole jagged and slicey.

    We deduced that the bong would still be usable (and even more convenient) if we were somehow able to cut the jagged bits off and make it smooth again. Macgyvers of grasscity, do you know of a way to bring his bong back to life again? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lots of sand paper
  3. Sand paper in a bucket of water. Will be a laborious chore but very doable. Be patient.
  4. You could also get dremal sandimg bit to speed up the process
  5. Dremel and carbide bits are the only way you will make it work but you probably will fuck it up worse. Get some to cover it up and use it or throw it away altogether
  6. Tape that bitch up - until you can find a glass blower to repair it (if the bong is worth it)

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