Broken bubbler

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kevinmc00, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I was at a party last night and a drunk girl broke my friends bubbler. She tried to put her feet on the table and it slid out and knocked the bubbler on the ground breaking it into 3 pieces. Right after this she ran away and was about to leave the party. I went and told him and he went to go find her. Me and my 2 friends followed him carrying like a 2 foot hooka. Anyway we were all really drunk and high so everyone started yelling "pwn her in the face" and me and my friends were hitting the hooka as we walked behind him. When he found her he shoved her a little bit and goes "Wheres my bubbler....BITCH" just like that. It was the highlight of the night for us cause it was funny as hell but it sucks for him.
  2. Shoving a girl because shes drunk and broke a bubbler? Come on man, I'd just nicely tell her shes paying for it. We all do stupid shit drunk.

  3. Agreed. I think this shit is getting out of hand. :confused: Over a pipe?!?!? I mean I LOVE my pipes and bongs but dude, they can be replaced. :( Why can't eveyone just smoke a bowl together and chill............
  4. yea dont go nuts. hahah but the part "pwn her in the face"

    haha sorry i just had to laugh at that.
  5. this man knows what hes talking about, we all need to chill and smoke a fat bowl. i would just made her pay for it to not been a bitch about it
  6. By the way I didn't catch this b4 cause I've had a couple bowls but I don't care what happens it is NEVER cool for a guy to hit a girl. That is just not right IMO.:mad:
  7. I totally agree about guys hitting girls, he tapped her because she was turned around very gently with one hand. Normally I would agree that its not a big deal and she can just pay for it. It was more of a high/drunk reaction. I know its bad but it was just so fucking funny
  8. See, now this is where a cop would rip you apart. You first said he 'Shoved' her, now your saying it's a 'very gentle tap', alright, so which is it? ;)

  9. yeah because disrespecting women is cool...
  10. i dunno...if a woman is attacking me, imma defend myself...because i dont care who you are (man/woman/herm) im not just gonna let you beat on me...of course i know my own strength, so i wouldnt try to really hurt her, just get her away from me.
  11. again, i agree with wykid, but there is a huge difference between self-defense and shoving a girl from behind and calling her a bitch. very uncool man.
  12. I agree completely with this. Self-defense is different.
  13. come on now man thats just not cool you need to respect women its not a hard conecpt
  14. DrGanja, i though you said it was NEVER cool? :p
  15. ya morally it was very wrong and trust me I would never harm a woman, I didnt think it was funny that he pushed her i thought it was funny that he reacted in this way

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