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broken bowl need help!

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by madbuds12, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. hey guys well i just got this badass pipe but my friend was very stoned and drunk tried to cash the bowl but pushed to hard and broke the inside of it. is there anybody that can repair it thats close to houston tx?

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  2. use a screen
  3. Nobody's going to be able or willing to repair that.

    If it's a precious piece, clean it and put it out somewhere you'll remember it. If it has no sentimental value, chuck it in the trash and go shopping for a new one.
  4. Use a metal screen, bend it around your finger tip and then drop it in the bowl, don't push it in the bowl, it could break more. I have had a pipe bowl break worse then that and put a metal screen in it. It ripped waaaaaay harder, it had too much airflow. But yours isn't bad.
  5. use a glass screen one of the ones that look like a mini jack piece
  6. It's not that bad. Take everyone's advise and use a screen. Sorry bout the piece dude.
  7. That's such a small break I'd say either:
    put in a screen
    mix up some glass epoxy and Dab it by the break to create new glass
    Take it to a glass blower in your local phone book and they'll fix it in 2 seconds
  8. You dont even need a new piece. You can smoke still but just put a lil nug I mean small enough to cover that hole = smoke = happy pothead
  9. These would work perfect. They are probably around a dollar a piece at your LHS.

  10. [quote name='"anarchyftw"']These would work perfect. They are probably around a dollar a piece at your LHS.


    Agreed. Pipes break shit happens life will go one. Ramble

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