Broken bong! Can this be fixed??

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  1. Sadly i broke my friends expensive ass hoss buildy base yesterday... i feel like it would be cheaper to fix this thing, and was wondering if its even fixable. Plz help!!!! :)

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  2. Depending on the condition of the part that broke off and if it will still fit back on, you might be able to fix the thing but be prepared to shell out the dough to replace the piece all together.
  3. IMO' replace ur friends bong with the same or better build

    you keep this and glue it up

    maybe it works or not?

    but you keep a friend

    good luck
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  4. Agreed with him a new one, or at "least" consider how long he's had it and factor in your contribution from there. Don't agree with a total replacement as it's his bong and it's always a risk that you should accept.

    Besides, you might still be able to fix it with some won't be pretty but it should still smoke fine, so now you have a free bong.
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