Broken bong base... Suggestions?

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  1. Any help would be much appreciated!! Two weeks ago I picked up my first bong, an 18 in. kind Creations straight tube with ice notches , from my local headshop. Today I was walking home from a friends house and dropped it on the sidewalk..... :eek: I heard a loud pop, and my heart skipped a beat. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a small bag, but predictably, glass did what glass does when it hits concrete and broke. Luckily only the base broke (shattered), leaving a perfectly functional cylinder of a bong with no cracks, the only problem is that it won't stand up.

    Any ideas? Glue won't do it. I was thinking of trying some craola magic foam clay that dries by itself.

    Also, Anybody know how much a glass blower might charge for this kind of repair? I'm in boston.

  2. go back to the headshop... was it the joint? they can hook you up with the blower to get a new base (or any blower really).

  3. Yeah a head shop should be able to help you out with this and know some blowers in the area that could help fix your problem. You are very lucky because bases are VERY easy to replace, thank god you didn't snap the thing in half or into 10 different pieces.
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    ^That's great to hear!!! Thanks! Realizing it was still smokeable was a huge relief.

    ^^Yeah it was from the joint. Thanks. Do you have any idea how much it'll cost?
  5. cardboard and duct-tape or you can make a kick ass wooden one
  6. That's pretty much what I did when I broke my base. I used an old packaging tape roll, and clear packaging tape to make myself a new base. It works fine, it just looks a little ghetto.
  7. Thanks for the advice.

  8. :mad:UGH! the EXACT same thing happened to me, only i had just bought it, and right after i smoked out of it my phone fell off my bed and cracked the entire base. lucky, like yours, the rest is fine:smoke:, which is a huge relif for me, because its a double 6shooter perc and glass on glass. Im also very happy to hear its an easy fix if i can find a glass blower.
  9. buy a new bong

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