Broken Bong 2 Steam Roller

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  1. So I had this broken bong that was just sitting around but now decided to do something with it. The side the bowl sits on was where the bottom of the bong and ice catcher used to be. I took a glass cutter and removed the broken shards (making sure to make an even cut.) After, I sandblast the end so it is smooth a doesn't cut your hand. I took a normal 14mm downstem and cut off the extension but kept the part that holds the bowl, then I heated up the glass a bit finally pushing for the modified downstem into place. Last but not lest, i took two ceramic pieces and glued them to the bottom for a stand. This all took about 2 days to finish! I'm going to buy an ash catcher for water peculation

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  2. Very nice.  Most people would have just trashed that thing.

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