Broken Ash Catcher Advice Please?

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  1. So i've had this matching sheldon black a/c for maybe a month now and i had two friends over who i hadnt seen in a while and when the next time i went to hit the bong i noticed there was a crack in the slide part of the a/c (the part thats inserted into the downstem in the tube) i was a little disheartened but the crack seemed minor enough that it wouldnt exacerbate itself.

    Here was my downfall: i left the a/c sitting in my bong and the next time i went to hit and pulled the a/c a decent ring of glass just broke off and was stuck in the diffuser for a while. it didnt break entirely and i can still actually put the a/c in the bong to use and it works. However im not risking it breaking more and im asking some advice as to avoid this happening again.

    When my tube wasnt in use i would leave the a/c sitting in it; is this causing unnecessary and dangerous pressure for the a/c when its sitting at that angle for a long enough time? could it have caused the crack? would my best bet for it being fixed to be taking it to the headshop i bought it at to see if they can help me in the process of packaging it and sending it to a glass shop? any thing would be helpful.

    Thanks Blades
  2. Nothing? C'mon guys ive had this thing for a month and im so fuckin bummed. :( anybody?
  3. Same thing happened to me. I mean the same shit, even had a piece sitting in there and could put it back together and use it. I bought a couple new acs. I still have the old cracked one but cant rely on it. Life goes on.
  4. You leaving your A/C inserted into your bong had absolutely nothing to do with it breaking.

    Shit happens, water evaporates, and glass breaks. Things in life my friend. Talk to a glassblower if you would like for it to be fixed.
  5. How much would something that minor cost to get fixed from a glassblower?
  6. That sounds like a very minor fix and should be easy for most blowers ;)

    I personally don't let my budiess blow down out of my high quality glass. I'm just waaaaaaay too paranoid about them breaking it.

  7. this. I of course informed them they would never be hitting it again

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