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broken arm..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by keepitUnreal, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. arm isnt broken, but I was thinking how much it would suck to have a broken arm...smoking a bowl would be kind of awkward, you'd have to hold it in your mouth or something(wouldnt be aproblem with certain ones..). I dunno...just a random thought I had...has anyone had any trouble with anything like this?
  2. That would suck!

    LOL! I was wondering how you typed this after I read the thread title. I thought your arm was really broken.
  3. yeah i would be bummed. you could have somone else light the shit for you and hold it up with your good hand though.
  4. I think at least as typing gooes, i'd be alright. out of many times my computer would be out of two arms reach, forcing me to write with one hand for lack of motivation to move closer. Far as smoking goes, I think a tall bong would be your best choice. I've hit mine one handed many times. Other than that I think your screwed.
  5. Well, you could fashion some type of holding thing to hold your pipe, on your cast...
  6. when your smokin by youself... roll joints... when in group someone will light the bowl for you... its like opening the dorr for a person with a broken leg
  7. i had a broken wrist. the cast barely allowed me to reach my bowl to my mouth. and boy, did i discover the medicinal purposes of weed. my wrist never hurt when i was stoned, when i wasnt, i needed this high strength pain killer.
  8. Hmm, I guess the best way is a vap.

    Or throw a QP on a fire. In a pit. In your living room. With marshmallows. And hell yes, smores will be made.
  9. you could bring the bowl to the doctors when theyre setting your arm in the cast, and ask him to form your hand in the shape of the bowl. that would be pretty damn sweet actually. or you could get it casted so you can hold a joint. that would be sweet gonna break my arm so i can try this.

  10. hahaha thats awesome

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