Broke top colas stem

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  1. While seeing if tying this top cola down would block light to the other plant, it snapped at the bottom of the Y but still attatched. I have it resting up in place on top of another bud, pics attatched. Will it cause any damage since its in bloom?

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  2. Bro they make this cloning gel stuff...I used to always use it almost like glue get it all good everywhere and try to tape the thing back into it's normal position. If it is soon after and it is sealed up or tied up back to the way it used to be it will heal and keep going.
    I always liked putting some type of solution, and the gel was thick, and it always seemed to work. I'm sure getting the areas good and wet on both ends of the stems where it broke before you put it back together would do just fine.
    But do whatever you have to do to make it fit back together tight and it will re-attach itself. I used regular scotch tape and tied the buds up to the light for a little bit for support if it was late stage flowering and heavy.
  3. My bad I didn't really look at the picture, it looks almost as if it's just split down the middle like a wish bone eh? lol
    Yeah tie some string and pull the two pieces together a little bit and that will heal back up. Keep it moist and that cloning gel might also work in this situation too as a sealer to keep it from being almost like an open wound I considered. I always thought that topping and leaving open stuff from anything broken off lead to more chance to contaminate your plant with mildew or mold...that is why I am against topping.
  4. Is this kind of like "super cropping"?Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Wrap some duct tape around it.


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    @tsoadk: almost like a wishbone. Picture it like a Y with my 2 main tops, while pullung down on the one, it cracked at the base where it connects to the main stem. I might actually have some floral tape around here somewhere but the lower bud seems to be holding it in a good position. What was the name of the gel you used? Amd do you think itll heal itself in mid flower? And cause any other damage like hermying the whole plant?@[member="punchreba"] yea and no. With supercropping, you just bend the stems over to keep an even canopy, your also just suppose to do it in veg, not flowering. Mine is in flowering, and i diddnt pinch to lay it over, it cracked at the joint/base, so its a eff up on my end lol.Sent from my SCH-R970C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. My helper person did this over the summer, I Pinched/pulled the crack together and taped it up with cloth medical tape...
    after the grow I took the take off and she healed up just fine...
    you could even leave it broken and open and they will be fine... but closing it up with make you feel better and reduce the chance of infection to your baby.
    she will be fine though!
    good luck
  8. I had same exact issue I used tape and zip tie mine was worse off six days later it was all healed ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416194275.801197.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416194327.217987.jpg


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