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Broke off sewing needle in my foot.

Discussion in 'General' started by Spoogett, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. So I was walking around the house, long story short - a sewing needle broke off in my foot. I can't get it out, shit is pretty painful. Any ideas on how to get this bitch out without going to the doc?:confused:
  2. Soak your foot in hot water (it expands your skin,pores) and then use tweezers.
  3. Powerful magnets.
  4. Use another needle to get it out.
  5. I've tried all the stuff mentioned above...I guess I'll have to walk around on my heel for a couple days until it comes out..if not - i'm going to the doctor, i really don't want the needle rusting inside me. Fuck. I hate how expensive a doctors visit is.
  6. Man wtf its IN your foot broken off???? Id be in the emergancy room lol... Only thing i can think of is making a bigger incision and taking it out but if you dont know what your doing you could hurt yourself pretty bad,. Best of luck to you dude. christmas lol...

  7. yeah its just a small piece of one. i wish i could go to the ER but i can't afford it. i might try to sterilize a razor and cut it open and pull it out if all else fails..........
  8. One time when I was a just a little one, I got a splinter in my heel that was about 1/16 of an inch diameter and 4 inches long. I took a razor blade and sliced into my heel enough so that I could grab the piece of wood with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull it out.

    Something like that might work in this situation too, is it like parallel with your foot or did it go straight up into your foot?

    Either way, if you can see a part of the needle, you can probably cut enough skin to be able to reach it and remove it.

  9. I'm not sure if it's lodged in sideways or just a straight puncture, but i can feel it under my skin. but yeah...i might do that
  10. Just cut that shit out like a man.
    Your on the right track.
    Keep 'er cleeean
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    Well if you don't get it removed by today you should definitely have a doctor remove it ASAP, but fuck going to the emergency room unless you have insurance, maybe a family doctor / walk in clinic type thing would do that shit, idk it might be worth checking around.

    Good luck with everything. Stepping on a needle is literally a fear I've had for a long time lol.
  12. dude I cringed harddd when i saw this thread. Couldn't even read it after the title lmao

  13. Ha! It sucks bro. I need a beer and a blow job to get my mind off this shit.

  14. hell yea I feel u if you have the means definitely treat yourself to that :smoke:
  15. Use nail clippers to cut off the skin and get closer to it. Works for me, but usually on my hands.
  16. This will work too, nail clippers cut right through skin.
  17. Damn, you yanks got some fucked up medical system.

    When we hurt ourselves we get the Government coming in and helping us. Glad we aren't in 7ish wars. All the media is talking about is 'economy' but 'military' and 'economy' are becoming the same thing. 700+ billion annually on militarism in dumb wars?

    What were you all thinking?

  18. You'd go to the hospital for a needle in your foot?
  19. if you leave it too long the skin may start
    to heal and you'll have a little needle frag working it's way around your foot... up your leg, eventually making it's way to your heart in 20 years.. death by tiny needle frag :(

    just get high, get some peroxide, sterilize a razor blade, sterilize the skin around where you're gonna cut, and cut it out!

    or don't get high in case you get cut happy... come on dude, I've had to cut all kinds of shit outa my limbs, you can do it!!
  20. you gotta go to the doctors, they'll give u pain meds and poke at your forever trying to get it out.

    same thing happened to my mom, except she only got a little piece of it out of her foot. she lived for years with a purple big toe, until one day the whole other half of the needle came out. sick, i know

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