Broke my wrist but need my daily dose of vitamin E

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  1. I broke my wrist playing hockey in a tournement in chicago on Sunday. It was an acute distilradius fracture in my left wrist. A guy hit me into the boards. He got flattened, but he grabbed by foot as I tried to skate away and I fell akwardly on my wrist and broke it. (ofcourse this was now behind the play and there was no penalty)

    Went to the hospital were the doctors only ended up giving me some advils for the pain:(.

    I love my extasy but am unable to crush it up to snort. Any one have any good ideas on how to crush pills with 1 hand without the pill flying everywhere?
  2. Try a mortar and pestal, only need one hand, it'll just take a little longer.
  3. fold i piece of paper in half, put the pill between the sheets, crush yusing one hand, using a lighter.

    Proceeed to put up nose.
  4. Paper + a drinking glass or hammer usually works for me. Use a big smooth table with no grooves or cuts and get a credit card.
  5. thanks for the replies.

    Cant use mortar and pestal, mine is marble but the inside is unnpolished and has grooves in it lamentably.

    Paper method I use for adderall, ima have to try it and will report if/when im rolling:hello:

    Im just used to breakinng it into small chunks with scissors and grinding it on a glass table with a credit card till it's a line chunks fly everwhere but its quick.
  6. idk if this could be done with one hand but here is how I crush my pills.

    Take two equal sized spoons and put the pill on the spoon. Put the other spoon on top of the pill and squeeze. It powders up, none flies away, and its the finest powder to ever go up your nose.
  7. yeah this is probably your best bet, if you really wanna make sure none flies away put the spoons in a ziploc bag first

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